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The cultural, artistic, spiritual and sports life available in Kozarska Dubica municipality is extremely rich the whole year round. Various theatre and film performances, numerous concerts by prominent singers of popular and folk music, music festivals, sports competitions – all these take place between January and December. However, Dubica is perhaps most famous for its Summer Festival of Culture, whose varied programme includes two traditional religious popular assemblies: one on Saint Peter’s Day, which is celebrated in the town itself through a series of different events, and the other celebrating the Transfiguration, which takes place every year on 19 August at Moštanica monastery. This large gathering includes a competition for singers of authentic Krajina folk songs. In cooperation with educational, cultural and artistic associations, the summer gardens of the Zepter Hotel are the venue for the performance of folksongs religious and secular songs, displays of folk dancing and national handicrafts, and poetry evenings with a musical accompaniment. Throughout the year, there are concerts by local groups belonging to various musical genres and guest appearances by DJs from Serbia and abroad.

The Zepter Hotel organises all excursions and auxiliary sports and cultural activities.

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