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The project Cycling for Tourism without Borders (BIKE 4 TWF) was designed within the 2007-2013 cross-border cooperation programme between Croatia and Bosnia-Herzegovina. This projects aims to develop tourism in the border area of the Lonjsko Polje Natural Park  in Croatia and the Kozara National Park in Bosnia-Herzegovina By marking out six cycle paths and linking them up with the cycle path that leads towards the Kozara National Park, a new integrated tourist attraction has been created that extends for no less than 310 kilometres.

The Kozara cycle path, 30 km in length, runs from Kozarska Dubica to the Mrakovica plateau on Mt. Kozara and represents a real challenge to lovers of cycling tourism. Around ten kilometres of this path go through the picturesque Kozara forest in the Mt. Kozara National Park.

Streams and brooks, the height differences, cultural and historical monuments (memorial fountains, Moštanica monastery, the Mrakovica plateau memorial complex) beckon to you to set out by bike along the Kozara cycle path.